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Our goal

Our goal is to help facilitate discussion and insight into the serious uses of virtual worlds for enterprise, education, content development, research, and policy-making.

During our weekly broadcasts we strive for in-depth conversations with leading thinkers, researchers and policy-makers. Our goal is to bring this insight to our audience, and to facilitate conversation and discussion amongst our community. Through this highly active community, we strive to explore and advocate for the transformative potential of virtual world technology.

Our Team

Your Host and Editor-in-Chief: Robert Bloomfield

Professor Robert Bloomfield is the host and founder of Metanomics.

Robert Bloomfield is the Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management and Professor of Accounting at the Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management. In addition to his responsibilities as an educator and regular contributor to such prestigious accounting and finance journals such as the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Accounting Research, Professor Bloomfield is also an avid developer of game-like financial market simulation software. In December of 2006, Professor Bloomfield began working with the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Research Initiative division to identify methods for testing the macroeconomic effects of financial reporting regulations. It was Professor Bloomfield’s extensive previous experience in the use of simulation software to study the various effects of regulatory policies that ultimately brought his attention to the serious study of virtual worlds as natural economic simulations.

Professor Bloomfield can often be found in the world of Second Life under a name fitting to his endeavors, Beyers Sellers.

Press Mentions
Professor Bloomfield is also an active contributor to the news sources Terra Nova, an academic website relating to the study of virtual worlds, Technology Review, and the Canadian National Post. Professor Bloomfield has been a guest speaker on the topic of virtual worlds for National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition, and WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi Show. His thoughts on the use of Second Life as a learning tool for economic decision making in the real world received a mention in Business Week. Additionally, Professor Bloomfield’s opinion on financial disclosure after Second Life’s banking heist earned him another quote inBusiness Week. His study of the banking crisis in Second Life that resulted in the real losses of almost one million U.S. dollars have been quoted in Wired, Technology Review, the Sydney Morning Herald , and the Los Angeles Times. He has also been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Remedy Communications (and Dusan Writer’s Metaverse)
Metanomics is owned and operated by Remedy Communications.

Remedy Communications is a marketing agency that works with clients ranging from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to cause marketers. Remedy provides integrated services for virtual worlds, Web, print, conference management, editorial and content development, and instructional design.

Remedy is based in Toronto, Canada and has affiliate offices in Minneapolis and Boston. Remedy also publishes Dusan Writer’s Metaverse, a blog on virtual worlds.

Our broadcasts are produced in partnership with TREET.TV.

TREET.TV reaches a broad demographic with an established range of entertainment, sports and in-depth business shows. Every show is broadcast live as it happens, then archived on the website, and published on iTunes as a podcast. Metanomics is a proud anchor broadcast on the TREET.TV network.

Our Community
No mention of “us” would be complete without mentioning “you”. The success of Metanomics is the product of a vibrant and active community that includes event partners, volunteers, and participants. To participate in our community, please join us!


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