MCF: 2011.June.02 | Lisa Dawley, 3D GameLab and Time for GameCamp!

Educators have a special energy in the summer. Perhaps it is the freedom from classes, grading and being so adult. Summer is a great time for learning, exploring and yes, professional development but why choose something dry and serious. How about camp? And why not, GameCamp!

Project Lead Lisa Dawley, PH.D. has assembled an incredible team to guide campers at 3D GameLab’s first ever, GameCamp in August of 2011. Join us at the Metanomics Community Forum, this Thursday in Second Life to talk about the project and her concepts for using this format in education.

Lisa is Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University. With over 20 years of experience in teacher education research, practice, and policy, Dawley provides innovative leadership in the design and pedagogy of virtual environments for teaching and learning. She is co-author of the Going Virtual! research series studying professional development for K-12 online teachers. Dawley received a Top 20 Bestselling Books Award for her text, The Tools for Successful Online Teaching. She is a co-inventor of 3D GameLab, a quest-based learning software, and she created EDTECHIsland, a virtual world resource supporting international teacher education. Dawley is also co-founder and Chair of the Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning Special Interest Group (ARVEL SIG) affiliated with the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

From Lisa’s blog: “We are thrilled to finally announce the launch of the beta version of 3D GameLab, an online learning platform that lets teachers turn their classrooms into a living game! Chris Haskell and I have been developing and using the platform for over a year with a variety of students from teens to college graduate students. We’re really excited about our August summer camp, when we launch our new closed beta version platform, inviting in other teachers and instructional designers for the first time!

“For those of you who know me, I’ve been interested in using games and game-like environments in education for many years. I believe learning should be fun, joyful, something you’re excited to be involved with on a daily basis, something that excites your passion. Chris has really helped me understand that to create a game-based learning environment, you have to game it, you can’t “teach” it. In our camp last summer, we started exploring the development of a meta-game quest tracking tool, something that would allow our kids to choose quests and track their own achievements across a variety of games and learning experiences. 3D GameLab was born.

3D GameLab will grow and evolve in ways we can’t even imagine at this point. We built the tool, but the content will be evolved by the users of the system. I hope you can join us this summer, or at a future time, to explore new ways of thinking about learning in a digital era.”

You can join us in Second life for this event or watch it on our web site: where it will be streamed live from the Studio.

PLEASE NOTE – MIXED TEXT AND VOICE SESSION: The Metanomics Community Forum is a mixed voice / text discussion session. Please feel free to participate in voice or in text, to your preference. The facilitator and some participants will be using voice, so you may wish to enable voice in your viewer so that you can hear the voice portions of the session. Thanks for joining us!

Questions: Jennette Forager, Metanomics Community Manager