March 24th: LIVE from Gametech Orlando – The Future of Virtual Worlds

Join us for a special date and time as Metanomics broadcasts live from Gametech, the annual military conference on games and virtual worlds for training and simulation.

Virtual worlds have become an important technology to support training and community outreach. But over the past several years, changes in the virtual world industry have opened up new choices while closing others. Advances like the consumer adoption of Microsoft Kinect, widening use of Unity 3D, and the coming changes to the browser with the launch of HTML-5 and WebGL are opening up a new range of options.

Join Douglas Maxwell, Science and Technology Manager for Virtual World Strategic Applications at the U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC) as he welcomes a panel to explore current and future trends in virtual worlds.

Maxwell will be joined by:

Mic Bowman of Intel, who will explore OpenSim, chip technology, and the future of massive scale virtual environments.

Richard Boyd of Lockheed Martin, who will talk about browser-based virtual worlds that utilizeHTML-5 and WebGL to deliver rich virtual world experiences without a download.

And Doug Thompson (Dusan Writer) who will talk about the future of social/consumer virtual worlds and emerging technologies. Dusan will touch on his work with the Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space and the long-range viability of public-facing virtual worlds.


This panel will be streamed live by TREET.TV to the Metanomics studio and event partners and questions will be fielded from both the live audience in Orlando and the virtual audience in Second Life.

JOIN US on Thursday March 24th for a special EXTENDED Metanomics from 6:45 am – 7:55 am Pacific Time.

You can view and participate in the show directly from this Web page or join us in Second Life by logging in to our event partner hub.