How Oneflare has used the internet to alter the home services marketplace

Searching for local service provider in Australia was made easy. All thanks to Oneflare for providing quality e-marketing platform where thousands of service providers are always on stand-by to receive an offer from consumers.

Since consumers are now turning to the internet to search for almost everything that they need. This company on the other hand also has its own way in providing consumer what they need at the best cause as possible that will benefit both the consumer and local service provider from Australia.

But what is Oneflare and how do they alter such changes for home services in the marketplace through e-commerce? Below are some of the most interesting facts about this ever-growing company that leads service providers and consumers together.

  • Fast services

The use of computers and internet had never failed to impress Oneflare’s CEO and founder Marcus Lim as he venture the world of e-commerce. Upon creating this company, one specific goal is to provide fast services to local consumers who are searching for service provider that they need. As consumers send quotes for service providers in Oneflare’s website, an immediate response will be provided and in a matter of minutes, consumers will receive calls or emails from the service provider who are already informed about the consumer’s needs.

  • Time efficient

Oneflare always consider time as a precious matter as well as being an online business, this company provides quick responses and a 24/7 service. That is why every transactions and quotes are provided with an immediate response giving the consumers lesser time to wait for service provider’s availability. Oneflare also offer company or service replacement for those who are not available upon client’s request.

  • Guaranteed services

Oneflare understands that not all services will come out as perfect as possible. However, they aim for the best service provider that they can offer. In such cases, refunds and replacements will be given to unsatisfied consumers. Since there are thousands of businesses ready to make their way to the industry, this platform provides a database where consumers can read information about the service provider to secure their credibility and work, send quotes and more.

  • Provides everything

From web designing to bookkeeping agents, commercial guttering to makeup artists and personal fitness trainer to wedding photographer, Oneflare has it all. They offer a wide variety of service providers from Australia under their platform and instantly connect them to the consumers. This case will also help the consumers to save time in searching for these contractors or money from driving here and there just to spot the best service provider in the suburb.

It is really interesting how one platform can provide best local services to any consumer through the internet. Oneflare, not only help consumers to easily find their service provider needs, save time and effort, providing quality services and more but also help local service providers to be given a chance to work and prove their credibility and professionalism.